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7 Reasons to have a Gin & Tonic... now

04 July 2015

gin tonic

1. It's natural. The main ingredient is Juniper berries, others include coriander, sage, cassia, nutmeg, rosemary, caraway and angelica root. It's basically a herbal remedy!

2. It can help you live longer. One of gin's many health benefits is that it can reduce heart disease. It's so clever.

3. It'll make you feel less bloated. The diuretic action of juniper berries helps you digest and pass water more easily and provide short-term relief from any bloating feelings.

4. It's basically like having medicine. Gin was historically used to treat malaria, so is, like, totally good for you.

5. It could be good for your skin. Juniper berries are packed full of antioxidantsthat reduce wrinkles and promote healthy skin appearance. One bottle of Tanqueray, please.

6. Your bones will benefit. It's said to be the best natural remedy for arthritis(!). Dubious, but we'll go with it.

7. Your insides will be soothed. Juniper berries contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation and gas. Now, this could be just when consumed on their own... but worth a shot (of gin), right?

So why not tuck in immediately... if not sooner?