A MicroBarBox gift set is a bar in a box – choose from cocktails, gin, vodka, rum, prosecco or spirits.

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Mini Caramel Cocktail Box

The Mini Caramel Cocktail Box features three delicious liqueurs: The Lakes Salted Caramel Vodka, Disaronno Amaretto and Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur to create a luxurious Caramel-tini, and a rich Almond Cream cocktail. The caramel and white Lindt chocolate truffles add an indulgent sweet treat!

This is the perfect gift for everyone who loves an indulgent caramel cocktail to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

Box contents:
50ml Disaronno Amaretto
50ml The Lakes Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur
50ml The Original Baileys Irish Cream
3x Lindt Chocolate Truffles

The Mini Caramel Cocktail Box contains 3.5 units of alcohol.

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Rum Cocktail box

Bring the joys of Summer to your own home with our Rum Cocktail box. Full of delicious ingredients to create some of your favourite Rum cocktails.

Rum cocktails in this box:
The Perfect Storm
Pineapple Crush

Box contents:
50ml Bacardi Rum
50ml Kraken Black Spiced Rum
50ml Langs Pineapple Jamaican Rum
50ml Cut Spiced Rum
60ml MicroBarBox Sugar Syrup
250ml Folkington's Pineapple Juice
250ml Folkington's Ginger Beer
200ml DA-SH Soda Water

The Rum Cocktail Box contains 8.1 units of alcohol.

This box is gluten-free!

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Classic Martini box

In the cocktail world, the Martini is the most iconic of all. Our Classic Martini Microbarbox is the perfect gift for cocktail enthusiasts or yourself if you want to savour this quintessential classic.

With a cocktail menu and How To it makes the cocktail making easy, but the sipping a lot of fun.

Cocktails in this box:
Dry Martini
Sweet Martini
Perfect Martini
Dirty Martini

Box contents:
50ml The Lakes Classic Gin
50ml The Lakes English Vodka
50ml City of London Old Tom Gin
50ml City of London Christopher Wren London Dry Gin
50ml Bramley & Gage Dry Vermouth
50ml Bramley & Gage Sweet Vermouth
3.7ml Angostura Orange Bitters
95g Opies Stoneless Green Olives in Brine

The Classic Martini Box contains 10.5 units of alcohol.

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Tequila Cocktail box

Our Tequila Cocktail Box is full of premium Tequila’s and mixers, combined together to create our most favourite Tequila Cocktails. The drinks are fun to make and delicious to taste. The perfect gift box for all Tequila lovers..

Cocktails in this box:
Baby Stout
Coconut Crusher
Tequila Rose

Box contents:
50ml Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold
50ml Patron XO Cafe Tequila
50ml 1800 Coconut Tequila
50ml Tequila Rose
50ml Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur
50ml Cointreau Triple Sec
250ml Folkingtons Pineapple Juice
20g The Dormen Dry Roasted Nuts

The Tequila Cocktail Box contains 10 units of alcohol.

 450 MicroShot points earned with purchase.

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