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Classic Martini box

In the cocktail world, the Martini is the most iconic of all. Our Classic Martini Microbarbox is the perfect gift for cocktail enthusiasts or yourself if you want to savour this quintessential classic.

With a cocktail menu and How To it makes the cocktail making easy, but the sipping a lot of fun.

Cocktails in this box:
Dry Martini
Sweet Martini
Perfect Martini
Dirty Martini

Box contents:
50ml The Lakes Classic Gin
50ml The Lakes English Vodka
50ml City of London Old Tom Gin
50ml City of London Christopher Wren London Dry Gin
50ml Bramley & Gage Dry Vermouth
50ml Bramley & Gage Sweet Vermouth
3.7ml Angostura Orange Bitters
95g Opies Stoneless Green Olives in Brine

The Classic Martini Box contains 10.5 units of alcohol.

 470 MicroShot points earned with purchase.

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