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Close-up on our Classic Cocktail box

06 May 2021

Classic Cocktails packshot

Our new Classic Cocktail Box has all the ingredients for you to make the UK’s most loved cocktails dating as far back as the 1800s. These cocktails are so delicious that they never go out of fashion. Delivered to your door, for you to enjoy with family and friends or save it all for yourself!

Included is a step by step recipe for each cocktail and the right measurements for all your drinks, so you can impress your friends with your new found mixology skills. 

Cocktails featured in this box:

Classic Cocktail box contents

Old Fashioned

The ever popular Old Fashioned, with distinctive full, rich and slightly smoky Scotch results in a warm and spicy long gentle finish. Serve with an orange twist for extra zest.

The famous name ‘Old Fashioned’ was inspired by the many drinkers who refused to change with the times in 1880 and ordered their drinks ‘the old fashioned way’, and we're so glad they did.

Chambord Daiquiri

A Chambord Daiquiri combines everything you love about a traditional Daiquiri. The sweetness of the raspberries in the Chambord adds the perfect amount of sweet to cut through the tartness of the lime.

Gin Martini & Vodka Martini

James Bond has always been a lover of the Vodka Martini, try this and a Gin Martini here, and see which one you prefer. Add an olive or lemon twist to mix up your Martini game.


The Bramble cocktail has come back to the forefront as a much loved modern classic, combining gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Chambord for a refreshing and sweet drink. The perfect cocktail to enjoy all summer.

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