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Close-Up on Whisky Cocktails

16 June 2021

Whisky Cocktail box

We are very excited to introduce you to our new Whisky Cocktail Box. Perfect for whisky lovers and those curious about this classic spirit.  

Even if you wouldn’t call yourself a whisky drinker we are sure you will love this selection of classic whisky mixes. A great gift for that special person in your life or for you to enjoy by yourself or share with friends and family.

Included in the box is our guide for how to perfect each of these whisky cocktails:

Whisky Cocktail MicroBarBox

Old Fashioned

The daddy of all cocktails, based on the original cocktail mix of spirit, sugar, water and bitters you can’t get more classic than this. Smoky and spiced notes with hint of chocolate finished off with a fresh orange twist.

The name stems from a time when American whisky lovers didn’t want the ‘fancy cocktails’ that were being created in the late 19th century instead they demanded their bartenders to make them ‘an old fashioned whisky cocktail’. 

The Manhattan

Like many cocktails there are stories that stake a claim for the origin of the Manhattan cocktail, even one involving Lady Randolph Churchill. Yes mother of Winston. 

The story goes that The Manhattan Cocktail was created to honour her presence at a banquet in Manhattan in November 1874. However, it was since discovered that Lady Churchill was heavily pregnant with Winston that very month and so couldn’t have possibly been in New York at the same time!

This cocktail combines the oaky notes of whisky with sweet vermouth and a dash of aromatic bitters…for an added note of luxury garnish with a maraschino cherry (or three).

The Boulevardier

Often described as the long lost cousin of the Negroni this cocktail is a lovely whisky twist of the classic gin cocktail. 

This cocktail is rich and intriguing and was created by Scottish cocktail wizard Harry McElhone at his Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. Made for his one of his VIP customers Erskine Gwynne a socialite and editor of the magazine ‘The Boulevardier’.

Irish Coffee

Proof that coffee in a cocktail isn’t just reserved for the Espresso Martini we are proud to share with you this classic ‘hot’ cocktail from the 1940s. 

Created by bartender Joe Sheridan whilst working at Foynes Port, Ireland by simply adding a dram of Irish Whisky to black coffee and served to a group American passengers disembarking from Pan Am flight to warm them up one cold winters evening. When asked if they were drinking Brazilian Coffee, Sheridan quickly responded “It’s an Irish coffee”. 

We’ve added some extra sweetness of Irish Cream with the Baileys in our version. To be extra indulgent we suggest topping with whipped cream as well. Sláinte!

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