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Why corporate and company gifts are as relevant in 2022 as they were two years ago

Why corporate and company gifts are as relevant in 2022 as they were two years ago

Isn’t it fantastic to open presents and feel special, just for the day, on your birthday, or being surprised with a thoughtful pressie at Christmas? Also, think about valentines day; buying flowers for a loved one to say "I love you" makes someone feel all gooey inside, in a really good way.

So getting a little corporate "thank-you" is exactly the same, it makes your team feel special, feel appreciated, it lets them know that the company and the management genuinely appreciate all their hard work and dedication.

And if it is for a client, that little gift usually means so much more than its contents! 

We have just emerged from 2 years of unprecedented struggles and business relationships have been forged over "zoom" and "teams calls" rather than in person, so saying thank you to a team member or client is as important today as it was 2 years ago when we were all sat in front of our webcams in our pyjama bottoms and "smart/casual tops"!

Since the lockdown ended people have been slowly returning to “in-person” meetings and we seem to have forgotten how lovely we were to each other and how we all enjoyed saying thank you, or well done. 

Saying thank you to someone for an outstanding piece of work, or for a special work anniversary became “the norm”, and we all enjoyed a few special treats delivered to our doors: Quarentini cocktail kits, some cheeky chocolate, or a bottle of wine or two would be delivered with a thoughtful note saying a heartfelt thank you.

But now lockdown has ended, and people are heading back to offices, our manners are slipping back to our old ways.

Now… we know a G&T or an Aperol Spritz isn’t the answer to everything, but a surprise gift can really lift the inner soul a little can’t it?

So if you manage a team, or are responsible for your companies’ clients, consider saying “thank you”: Say it with gin, rum, prosecco, whatever takes their fancy!

And… If you don’t fancy saying thanks with one of our cocktail gift boxes then we have compiled a list of the top 5 corporate gifts here >>>>