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Corporate gifts

Whether you're ordering 1 company gift box or 1,000 company gift boxes… every one of our corporate gifts is carefully hand-packed at MicroBarBox HQ , and can be delivered across the UK for you.

Microbarbox corporate selection

Cocktail gift boxes make the perfect company gift

We help all types of businesses, from ad agencies to hairdressers, from banks to builders merchants, all-year-round with gifts for clients, colleagues, and partners.

Aside from our large and varied range, we can also create bespoke gift boxes with company branding options.

Browse our range of gift boxes, or if you'd like to discuss bespoke options, large volume orders or if have any further queries please get in touch with our friendly corporate team either in the live chat on this page, or email [email protected] .


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Hendricks bespoke box imageYour company branding on our gift boxes

Whether rewarding your staff, or saying a big thank you to your clients or incentivising your customers with exclusive products, our commercial team are here to help you.

And every box can be tailored for you:

  • We can print exclusive sleeves for our boxes with your branding
  • Every box can have a branded, personalised gift card inside
  • Get in touch with our corporate team who will answer all your questions at [email protected] 



Hotel “mini-bar in a box” 

Our creative corporate team also provide hotels with a mini-bar in a box for hotel guests checking in, to order and take to their rooms or be left in their rooms.

Treating yourself to an indulgent mini-bar drink was getting harder and harder as many hotels phase out the well-stocked mini-bar. Now MicroBarBox can supply your hotel, and your guests, with a bar-on-demand with a selection of mini-boxes.

If you'd like to discuss our hotel service, once again please get in touch with our friendly corporate team either in the live chat on this page, or email [email protected] .

Enquire about hotel mini-bar boxes


Are you looking for a corporare concierge service?

If you regularly send company gifts and are looking for someone to take care of the heavy lifting for you, then our VIP corporate concierge service might be of interest.

We can recommend the right products for your budgets, we can organise all the personalised gift cards, bespoke branded sleeves, and manage the deliveries (and re-deliveries) for you.

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Join over 1,000 UK companies who trust MicroBarBox to deliver their corporate gifts

  • Place one order and treat your entire team
  • Hassle-free ordering for large & small quantities and boxes delivered to multiple addresses
  • Download our GDPR compliant ordering spreadsheet for bulk orders and bulk deliveries download the spreadsheet
  • Bespoke boxes created and packaged for mid-sized runs and larger orders

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