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Corporate MicroShot Reward Points

MicroShots infographic

All registered customers, including corporate orders, receive MicroShot points on everything they buy. Guaranteed.

Buy boxes for your company for clients and staff and then reap the rewards for yourself!

Imagine going on a free spending spree in our shop?

Collect MicroShot Reward Points on everything you buy and then redeem them in our online shop. 

 We will start you off with 50 MicroShot points for just registering with us. 

 Collect 10 MicroShot points for every £1 spent at 

 Collect MicroShots every month when you subscribe to our Monthly Cocktail Club. 

 1,000 MicroShots is equivilent to £10 in our online store.

When your balance reaches 1,000 MicroShots, you can spend them on any purchases from our online shop, and top up with cash if you don't have enough points.

Check your balance when you're logged in:

Watch your account grow and grow. 


Start collecting today.


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