Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MicroBarBox?

A MicroBarBox is a ‘bar in a box’ full of cocktails, wine, spirits, liqueurs and tasty treats, delivered to your door each month or purchased as a one-off gift box.

What is the MicroBarBox Monthly Cocktail Club Subscription?

A box of cocktails and tasty treats will be delivered to your door each month, containing all the ingredients to make 4-5 different alcoholic drinks. The box contents are always a surprise and complement each other as a collection, so you can mix and match to experiment with different drinks. Have a look at the past boxes to give yourself an idea of what they might contain.

Where can my MicroBarBox be delivered?

We currently only deliver to the United Kingdom, our licence does not permit us to deliver to anywhere outside the UK.

Can I have the first box of a Cocktail Club gift subscription delivered to me and the rest to the recipient?

Yes, you can. Just add a note in the 'Gift message' area as you checkout, such as 'Deliver 1st box to billing address'.

Can I buy a 6-month Cocktail Club gift subscription and have them delivered every other month, so they last a whole year?

Yes, you can. Just email s[email protected] once you have placed the order (quoting your order reference number) and state clearly which months you'd like the boxes delivered, i.e. Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct.

Can I specify which month the first box of a Cocktail Club gift subscription is delivered to the recipient?

Yes, you can. Just email s[email protected] once you have placed the order (quoting your order reference number) and state clearly which month you'd like it to start from.

When will I get my first Cocktail Club subscription box?

Our Cocktail Club boxes are shipped out from the 10th of each month, they take 4-5 days to arrive.

When will each Cocktail Club payment be taken each month?

Our Cocktail Club membership is renewed each month on the 25th, so payment will be taken on that day or the following few days.

Can I cancel my Cocktail Club subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, however you must cancel before the 25th of each month to avoid receiving the following month's box. Payments will be taken on the 25th of each month, those members registered on the 25th of each month will receive the following month's box. Customers cancelling post deadline will receive the following month’s box as their last box, OR if on the rolling 2 month subscription the next 2 monthly boxes will be their last. In exceptional circumstances refunds can be issued for a box which has not yet been shipped less a £10 administration charge.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Login to your account. Click on your username in the top right to go to your account page. Click on 'Orders' in the left hand menu. A list of your recurring payments will be at the top of the page. Click on 'Pause or Cancel payment' on the right hand side.

What's the difference between pausing and cancelling my subscription?

When you pause your subscription you will be able to rejoin in one click at a later date, whereas if you cancel and then decide to rejoin you will have to go through the checkout process again.

How can I get help with my account or purchases?

Please email [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

What are the delivery costs?

Shipping is free for the Cocktail Club boxes and Gift Subscriptions.

Our standard shipping charge for a regular box is £5.95.

We offer free shipping on all orders of £60 or more.

One of our standard boxes weighs between 1.5 and 2.5KG.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes we are, our VAT number is: 221041966 


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