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Gin of the Month club launched...

23 August 2016

Introducing our new ‘Gin of the Month’ club
featuring a Great British craft gin every month

Gin of the Month club

Unlike a subscription box, this puts the power back in the customer’s hands, it is free to join and our member’s can choose each month whether they want to buy a full-sized bottle of the ‘Gin of the Month’ at a reduced rate, for the duration of that month’s reign.

We will also be offering our members a limited number of bottles at a greatly reduced rate, available on a ‘first come first served’ basis when each new gin is unveiled.

The featured gins will also be available for purchase on an ongoing basis from our Craft Gin Shop which will start to form as the club takes shape. All the featured gins must be produced in Britain and not widely available. We are looking forward to helping the small and lessor known British brands increase their audience, and we hope it helps Great British craft gin to elbow some of the overseas imports out of the way!

There will also be a prize draw every week and all members will be automatically entered, so it really is a win/win for all the gin fans who sign-up.

Benefits of membership:

  •   • The Gin of the Month Club is FREE to join.
  •   • Discover a first class British craft gin every month.
  •   • Choose to buy (or not) each month at a discount to RRP.
  •   • HUGE ‘early bird’ discount on a limited no. of bottles.
  •   • No recurring payments taken.
  •   • Automatic entry into a weekly prize draw. 
  •   • Collect MicroShot points with every purchase.

The first ‘Gin of the Month’ will be revealed in October, we can hardly wait!


The MicroBarBox Team