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What? No more mini bars? Here is an easy, and profitable, substitute for hotels wanting to stock mini bars in each and every room.


Offering guests at check-in the opportunity to purchase a luxurious box full of cocktails for the evening is an easy way to encourage them to spend a little more, to still have the “mini-bar experience” and to set your hotel apart from the crowd! Plus it is a zero-hassle option with no room restocking and simply a chilled display in reception.


Booking a cocktail gift set as a hotel guest has never been easier or more exciting!


Hotels can also offer the "Mini Bar in a Box" as an add on during booking. With just a few clicks during their reservation process, they can add this delightful extra to their stay, ensuring a touch of luxury awaits them upon arrival.





Hotel “mini-bar in a box” 


Our creative corporate team provides hotels with a mini-bar in a box for hotel guests checking in, to order and take to their rooms or be left in their rooms.

Treating yourself to an indulgent mini-bar drink was getting harder and harder as many hotels phase out the well-stocked mini-bar. Now MicroBarBox can supply your hotel, and your guests, with a bar-on-demand with a selection of mini-boxes.

Check out all the different Cocktail Gift Sets we do.

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MicroBarBox cocktail boxes are delighting hotel guests in the UK


MicroBarBox have been supplying mini bar boxes to a number of local UK hotels and the feedback has been extremely positive.

It was evident that many hotels had stopped stocking full mini bars, as the effort to maintain, stock and charge for them outweighs the return. Now there is a newer and simpler way of offering your residents a cheeky aperitif in their room. We provide hotels with a mini-bar in a box for hotel guests as they check in to take to their room, or be left in their room beforehand.

The hotels stocking our boxes at reception have definitely increased the average spend per customer, but more importantly they are experiencing happier residents and seeing sales rise both at check in, and also later on in the evening when the hotel bar is shutting.


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Your hotel branding on the box sleeves

Our digital printing service means your mini bar boxes can be wrapped in a custom sleeve with your hotel branding, colours, fonts and messaging.

And every box can be tailored for your hotel:

  • We can design and print exclusive sleeves for your boxes
  • All bespokely designed with your hotel branding, and every box can have a branded gift card inside
  • Get in touch with our corporate team who will answer all your questions at [email protected]


Mini Gin and Tonic Image

Hotel mini bars with your choice of drinks 

We have some hotel-ready favourites already:

  • Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit
  • Pornstar Martini Cocktail Kit

And we have a number of Classic Gift Sets that all make awesome mini bars in a box:


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Bespoke hotel service

If you want something a little different from our standard boxes, then we should be able to help you.

  • Bespoke contents
  • Bespoke boxes
  • Bespoke branding

We can recommend the right products for your budgets, and we can design and print all the bespoke branded elements, and manage the logistics to your various locations.

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Be part of the revolution to bring the mini bar back to hotel rooms all over the UK.

  • Hassle-free ordering for large & small quantities and boxes delivered to multiple hotel addresses
  • Bespoke boxes created and packaged for mid-sized runs and larger orders

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Simple Order Process

Step 1: Add your gift boxes to your cart. 

Step 2: Checkout.

Step 3: Sit back, relax and congratulate yourself on adding a splash of excitement to the hotel room booking system.

Contact us at [email protected] for branded sleeves or if you'd like help with this feature, or ping us on Livechat.