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Our August Cocktail Club box revealed...

16 August 2016

MicroBarBox Cocktail Club August

We love trying out different products at MicroBarBox and this month we have had a lot of fun mixing cocktails with a delicious raspberry liqueur from Chase Distillery and a fab coconut tequila.

Chase combine their premium potato vodka with fresh fruit and sugar to make a truly tasty liqueur which works well on its own or in cocktails. We loved it in a super fruity shot with banana liqueur and also in a classic martini with vodka and a splash of pineapple. Williams Chase is the only single estate distillery in the UK and they’re certainly producing some very fine spirits over there in Herefordshire!

1800 Tequila on the other hand originates all the way over in mexico. Using only the finest blue agave tequila distilled with natural ripe coconut flavours this semi-sweet spirit is perfect for infusing cocktails with tropical coconut flavours without adding too much sweetness. We love keeping it in our cocktail cupboard and adding just a splash of coke or ginger for a lighter, longer summer drink with bags of flavour.

Our club members also had two very different vodkas to enjoy this month, one made with the purest of spring water from the lake district by the multi award winning Spirit of the Lakes distillery. The other was the curiously branded Strawberry Milkshake Oddka. The combination of amusing imagery and flavours makes Oddka a fun brand and that’s definitely something we can get on board with here at MicroBarBox.