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Our first No-Alcohol box!

13 January 2021

The rise of non-alcoholic cocktails has undoubtedly disrupted the drinks market recently. Whether it’s for Dry January, Sober October, or even a completely new clean lifestyle turn around, mocktails and no or low alcohol alternatives are taking over the drinking scene. 

In the past year, social culture has expanded more into digital forms, with people staying at home and finding new ways to socialise with each other. Having a drink with friends and family or even work colleagues over Zoom becoming more common place in most households. However, with this came an increase in alcohol consumption, encouraging people to become more sober curious, seeking ways to enjoy a beverage over Zoom without feeling it the next morning or embarrassing themselves in front of their boss!

Non-alcoholic alternatives have long been associated with “missing out” on the fun, so are now rebranding to meet the growing demand for the booze-free options. Therefore those seeking the 0% option can continue to join the party without the added alcohol… or the hangover!

You might be questioning why these non-alcoholic drinks are almost as expensive as the boozey ones. Feel like you're getting less but paying more? That’s because it involves an extra step in the process. Believe it or not, they don’t make them alcohol free, the beverages are made by taking the alcohol out or stopping the alcohol production during the process. This concise method is then reflected in the price of your favourite non alcoholic drinks. This also explains why age-verification is still needed at the self-checkout, because these drinks can contain less than 0.5% ABV, which is then rounded down to 0%.

Eager to give the Great British public what they want, MicroBarBox have created a No-Alcohol Box for you and your friends to try. Not only can the Non-Alcoholic gift box be something different to try for your weekly catch up with friends, but it also makes the perfect gift for that special someone who is cutting down their alcohol consumption and would appreciate an encouraging boost.

Created using a selection of unique and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and mixers for you to try out and drink the night away, with no weary head the next morning! There is now something for everyone for your upcoming virtual team drinks event, let’s not leave the teetotallers out!