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Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur 70cl

Coole Swan is a unique blend of Irish Single Malt Whiskey, Fresh Irish Cream and White Belgian Chocolate.

Coole Swan produce all of their own cream at Tatestown, County Meath, and gather each of their other ingredients from only the most trusted of sources, the essence of Coole Swan is defined by their demand for quality in the creation of a rich, natural experience.

Gluten Free, Coole Swan is best served beautifully chilled from the fridge or on ice.

We particularly love this indulgent cream liqueur when mixed with WILD Toffee/Caramel Vodka over ice, for a white chocolate / toffee / caramel sensation. It's pudding in a glass!

Alcohol: 16% vol
Size: 70cl

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Raisthorpe 9ct Gold Toffee Shimmering Vodka Liqueur 70cl

Raisthorpe Manor’s Toffee Caramel Shimmer Vodka Liqueur is a smooth and tasty shot bursting with flavour and a hint of shimmering sparkle.

Enjoy this delightfully different drink with friends as an after dinner tipple.

Alcohol: 18% vol
Size: 70cl

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Sovereign No.1 Liqueur 50cl

Sovereign No.1 Elderflower & Gooseberry Liqueur is blended with a handpicked British Gin, and using the finest elderflowers and gooseberries available.

This liqueur provides a perfect balance of delicate elderflower sweetness, followed by a subtle gooseberry tang. Perfect on a cold winters day or as the base to a crisp glass of sparkling wine.

Alcohol: 20% vol
Size: 50cl

 199 MicroShot points earned with purchase.

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