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Peach, Ginger & Chai

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Non-Alcoholic Gift Set

Our Non-Alcoholic Gift Set is the perfect gift for those who love a drink without the alcohol. This gift set features a variety of different flavours to make drinking without the alcohol more interesting.

Gift set contents:
200ml Nozeco Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine
50ml Everleaf Forest
250ml Punchy Peach, Ginger & Chai
250ml Folkingtons Rhubarb & Apple Pressé
150ml Folkington's Dry Ginger Ale
35g Divine 70% Dark Chocolate bar (default)
20g The Dormen Raisin & Yoghurt Raisins

The Non-Alcoholic Gift Set contains 0 units of alcohol.

 290 MicroShot points earned with purchase.