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We’re mixing up some Classic Martinis

19 August 2021

Classic Martini MicroBarBox

There is no more of an iconic cocktail than the Martini. Originally a simple mix of gin, sweet vermouth and bitters this cocktail has spawned countless variations that we know and love today. However, for a moment forget the Espresso and Pornstar Martini and take a journey with us as we explore these classic four Martini cocktails.

Our new Microbarbox is the perfect gift for cocktail enthusiasts or yourself if you want to savour this quintessential cocktail.

Classic Martini MicroBarBox

Sweet Martini

Often considered to be the first Martini having evolved from the Manhattan by substituting the whisky for Old Tom gin. Created in the late 19th century this cocktail quickly ascended to become the champion of cocktails as imbibers preferred the more delicate gin to the smokier whisky flavour.

Dry Martini

In the early 20th century vermouth producers continued to develop different styles of this aperitif in order to keep up with cocktail trends. A dry vermouth quickly became the preferred choice in cocktails and thus the Dry Martini was born. To make your Martini drier reduce the amount of vermouth used, some Martini lovers simply rinse their glass with dry vermouth and discard the excess before adding the chilled gin, this is known as the Naked Martini!

Perfect Martini

If you can’t decide between a Dry Martini or the Sweet Martini then why not go for the Perfect Martini. This name doesn’t refer to the drink being prepared perfectly but rather the mixology term ‘perfect’ which is a considered cocktail consisting of equal measures of dry and sweet vermouth.

Dirty Martini

This version is often considered to be the marmite of Martinis. What makes this cocktail dirty isn’t just simply using olives as a garnish, instead of a citrus twist, but the inclusion of olive brine as well. We think you will love it but recommend starting off slowly with a small amount of olive brine. We love this version of the cocktail as it brings a savoury twist to your cocktail, especially when used with a Martini made with Vodka instead of Gin.

Our final tips for Martini perfection. Ensure all your ingredients and your glassware is chilled before preparing the drink and despite what Mr Bond might tell us always stir a Martini rather than shake… unless you’re working undercover as an amateur mixologist.

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